Match Report
Bloxham School Yearlings A vs  Magdalen College School
On: Thursday, 07 Sep 2017
Venue: Away

On Thursday we headed off to Magdalen college school in oxford for our first match of the season (Except the pre-season match) We had a team chosen only from two days of pre-season and one training session, so the team we played with was very rough.

Once we arrived we did our warm ups, and then we started with a kick off by Tom Hitchens which started the game. It was a tough fight up until the half time, with tries coming from both teams. By half time, we discussed our options and where we could improve.

By the second half, the game was being controlled by Bloxham, with almost every scrum from our forwards being a success, and ball getting out to the wingers, and crash balls from the forwards such as Archie Armitage.

Unfortunately, we only just lost by 34-26 but had some great tries by Will L-J, Seb Hughes (x2), Jonny Sealy and more which was setup by the hard work of the forwards.

It was learning curve that we wish to improve on.

By Joseph Cairns