Match Report
Bloxham School Yearlings A vs  Cokethorpe School
On: Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017
Venue: Away

On Wednesday, we had another away match and this time it was at Cokethorpe School. We were having a winning streak and we weren't going to let this hold us down.

We received the kick from Cokethorpe, which gave us the first advantage of having the ball. Our backs handling had definitely improved from our last game, with multiple training sessions being focused on our handling. Cokethorpe had a big pack and put a challenge up for our forwards in the scrum and rucks, but we managed to keep most of the possession in the first half and score. It was quite a tough first half, with us scoring then they scored then followed by us and so on, but after their second try, we managed to halt their try's.

Second half was mainly dominated by us, because whenever they had the possession of the ball they couldn't run through us because of our defensive line. Our tackling had improved massively with every man being able to put down the person in front of them, with the occasional slip.

At the end of the game, the score was 35 – 10, was well fought by Cokethorpe but we managed to come out on top. On goes the winning.

By Joe Cairns