Match Report
Bloxham School Yearlings A vs  Dean Close School
On: Saturday, 07 Oct 2017
Venue: at Home

Yearlings A v Dean Close School

Last Saturday we played Dean Close at home, it was fairly good weather for the match. We started the game by receiving the kick which was caught by our Number 8 Archie Armitage, which started out the game. Dean Close were a strong team, but throughout the first half we managed to keep the ball possession. Recently in training we had been working on our fitness, which really showed in the match on the massive pitch, with even our forwards being able to get around the pitch quickly! We scored some fantastic tries by Seb Hughes, Adam Mitchel, myself and more. We had got a satisfying score by half time, but we still kept a level head.

After half time, we continued to play how we did, we tried not to change much but we did correct some mistakes we were making. Our fitness endurance was largely tested now we had been running around for a while, with a phew of us having some bashes. The second half was once again largely in our control, but we noticed that our number 10 Tom Hitchens was getting a lot of pressure on him from the lineouts, showing their line speed was good and we needed to keep a deeper line and get the ball out the lineout quicker.

The ending match score was 54 – 0 and was an incredible match for everyone. Another win and we hope for more.

By Joseph Cairns