Match Report
Bloxham School Yearlings A vs  Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood
On: Saturday, 11 Nov 2017
Venue: at Home

This was by far our toughest match of the season, yet. It was a home match being played at the pig sty on the seconds pitch, it was fairly good conditions being a bit cold but dry. Once they arrived the team promptly realized they were a big side. The first half was by far the most physical first half we have ever had, with tackle after tackle being made, to then make a couple of yards only for the opposition to do the exact same. Everyone put their 100% effort into their job, with the forwards absolutely putting their all into the rucks, and the backs making some great runs. Big tackles were being made by both sides, but I think one of our biggest strengths in the first half was our defense, no one got past us. Whenever Merchants Taylor tried to step, bump, run around they couldn’t because the man in front of them was putting them down instantly.

By half time, it was 0-0 which really shows how tough going the game was. At the half-time team talk we knew what we were in for. We didn’t have to say much, just pointed out the areas where we were struggling, but apart from that every man knew their job. The game started again, and within a few minutes Merchants Taylor scored. This was for sure disappointing for us, but we only used it as motivation to get back at them. After they scored, it gave us determination, anger and we realized that we needed that try. After many tackles, rucks, scrums, we managed to get that try. And it had the biggest celebration ever.

We then realized were they struggled, and started to attack them at every angle we could. This led to 3 more tries caused by hard work. By the second try, the ref told me we were celebrating too loud, which I can't blame him really because I think the main school would be able to hear us at the rate we were shouting.

Over all, this was our best game of the season and that showed the standard we can play at, and defiantly hit a bench mark. We hope to have more games like this.

By Joe Cairns