Match Report
Bloxham School Yearlings A vs  Pangbourne College
On: Saturday, 23 Sep 2017
Venue: Away

Yearling A v Pangbourne

Match Report

We arrived at Pangbourne school with high ambitions on Saturday afternoon with a squad of 17 boys. The boys had done well with wins for the past two previous matches achieving some good scores, so we had high hopes to keep this going.

The game started out with us receiving the kick, which was to our advantage. It was a tough first phew minutes trying to settle into the game, to which we weren't that switched on with constant dropping balls and miss-passes. About 10 minutes in we got the hang of it, with the hard work of the forwards we managed to get some great tries. Pangbourne were very good at their counter-rucks, piling all of their men in at the ruck so it was hard work for the forwards to keep possession of the ball. Very physical first half, with some big tackles from Ralph Roberts.

The second half was nearly completely dominated by us, with the ending score being 54 – 0 Was a very successful game for us and we wish for more of these ongoing.

By Joe Cairns.