Match Report
Bloxham School U14A vs  Downe House
On: Saturday, 16 Sep 2017
Venue: Away

U14A Bloxham vs Downe House
Won 7-1
Mom Callie Reider

goal scorers

Gemma 4

Matti 2

Evie 1
Right from the first whistle the team were on the ball working hard. We worked well passing the ball to each other whilst driving towards the goal. The first goal was scored within the first 4 minutes, Pippa ran down the right hand side and then hit the ball across the D towards Gemma, on the post.
This first goal gave us all a rush of adrenaline to work even harder. The second goal was scored by Matti who deflected a ball into the goal from Evie.
In training we had worked on facing the player and driving into space at a fast pace. This week definitely helped as we all used this skill and it worked really well.
The third goal was scored by Evie who was again, on the post. This was a great goal.
As we began to tire the other team took advantage of this and drove the ball down the pitch and beat our, hard working defenders and scored a goal.
The fourth goal was scored by Gemma who hit into into the left corner of the goal.
After half time we had all had a rest and we're ready to go again.
Gemma scored 2 more goals and matti scored 1 making the final score 7-1.
We worked really well as a team and communicated often. Driving down the wings and then hitting across into the D helped us score the goals.
Overall, a great start to the season, well done everyone.