16 Jun 2014
Tennnis report

Wed 11/6

U14A v Warriner Won 4-2

Saturday 14/6

v Rendcomb

1sts WON 7-2

2nds drew 3-3

U15B won 7-2

U14A won 5-4

U13A won 8-1

U13B won 6-3

v Oundle

U15A lost 1-8

U15C lost 0-9

U15D lost 0-9

The U14As had a very good week beating Warriner and Rendcomb College.

U15Bs also had a good win against Rendcomb U15A team.

U15AC and Ds played good tennis in the first match we have had v Oundle. Eliza Rymer and Hannah Andrews were the only pair in the As to win a set, but Charlotte Boland and Olivia Wilcox played well and only just lost to the 2nd pair 5-6. In the U15C team Elena Clarke and Eleanor Moir, Rachel Rubin and Ellie Wyhbrow both had a close set which they lost 4-6. Sam Hawkins and India Willes had the best results for the D team.

U13A+B v Rendcomb - both teams had their first win - all the girls played well.